First time spending time in Hawaii. My family stayed on Maui. Here are some of the pictures. I will have a blog out soon from the two breweries we visited on Maui.


Proud supporter of the Pink Boots Society: Nebraska Chapter     For more information check out my     Women in Beer     stories.

Proud supporter of the Pink Boots Society: Nebraska Chapter

For more information check out my Women in Beer stories.


So I guess you could say that Joe is my alter ego. A fun loving guy that enjoys coffee and craft beer. When you put the two together, then Joe's day has been made. Joe loves the story behind the scene when it comes to craft beer.
The craft beer explosion over the last several years has been fun to follow. I enjoy finding a new brew to try.  Beyond the great beers though, lies the incredible stories of the people who have started the craft breweries. I began a few years ago to take as many tours as I could with the breweries in Nebraska. Each occasion was so amazing learning more about the passion behind the craft. Some of the most fascinating conversations occurred with the owners and brew masters learning how they got started and where there journey has taken them.
I hope to share some of those experiences with you and along the way maybe talk about some of the things I have learned about the great beverages that are being brewed today.   Looking forward to getting started telling some of my stories.   In the meantime if you want to track the Life of Joe Java-Stout, check him (me) out on Twitter @JoeJavaStout.  


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Jeff is an avid motorcycle adventurer

Jeff is an avid motorcycle adventurer

It is so much fun to see someone wearing a Joe t-shirt that I decided to add segment on this. There was a recent sighting of a Joe t-shirt in Daytona Beach, Florida. Jeff loves to ride motorcycles with his brother Ron and taking vacations with his better half Lisa. Jeff runs a local technology managed services company called On the Edge Technology. They specialize in computer repair and networking, security cameras, Voice Over IP, and many other services.

Women In Beer

This week's spotlight is about a very warmhearted lady that made her way to Holdrege, Nebraska with her husband and friends to open the Lost Way Brewery. Jessica Kraus is a big part of the brewery and doing some great things in Holdrege and the state of Nebraska!

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Carole Sprunk, owner Clout Coffee

Carole Sprunk, owner Clout Coffee

Clout Coffee brings together a unique combination of bourbon and coffee. The coffee is aged in bourbon barrels for 8 weeks then roasted to perfection! Clout Coffee has appeared in a couple Nebraska craft beers including Popular Blonde from First Street Brewing Company in Hastings, Nebraska and A Shot in The Dark from Brickway Brewery & Distillery in Omaha, Nebraska.

Carole is all about community and does so many things in the Omaha area. She owns Edge Magazine which produces wonderful stories. I would say Carole is like me in that we love being storytellers!

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Garnet Heart Beer is a great site to follow the travels of two Coloradans living the dream!

Cameron and Kirby have you covered for the Colorado craft beer scene. Amazing beer reviews! I also enjoy their homebrewing section.

I know you will love their craft beer adventures as much as I do!

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2019 Beer Wish List

  1.  Design a beer label and have a Coffee Stout created name Joe Java-Stout

  2. Wicked Joe Bombers