At JD’s Coffee Shop in Seward, Nebraska you will find a coffee shop with so many cool signs! Instantaneously, I was intrigued by JD’s as I opened the door and took in the decor.

One of the fun things about getting out and visiting different towns are these hidden gems like JD’s Coffee Shop. On this particular day, I was heading to Hastings for the “Do the Brew” beer festival and stopped in Seward on the way.

I loved the atmosphere of JD’s. There were people enjoying lunch, a group of teenagers playing cards, and others having a nice conversation. You could tell this was the kind of place that meant a lot to the community!

JD’s serves Canyon Coffee which is a favorite of mine out of Lincoln, Nebraska. I had a wonderful latte. The service was amazing! The barista and other staff members were very engaging. We talked about coffee and other things in the local area like Bottle Rocket Brewing.

If you get the chance, I highly recommend stopping in at JD’s Coffee Shop in Seward, Nebraska. I barely scratched the surface on all of the signs they have!

If you have other fun coffee signs that you would like to share, send me an email at joe@joejavastout.com

Stay Caffeinated my Friends!

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