So many great coffees at Friedrichs

So many great coffees at Friedrichs

For some reason when I heard the name of this beer, I thought of the show Friends where they would hang out at the Central Perk coffee shop. I can totally see a group of friends hanging out in the Keg Creek Brewing taproom or around a campfire enjoying this wonderful coffee stout.

PerkElation is a great name for a coffee stout. I was ecstatic to try this one out! I made the trip to Glenwood, IA on a cold, snowy April day. Usually you don't think of snow in April, but as soon as I walked up to order a beer and I saw this bottle with the flurries visible outside the windows. I knew I had to try it. 

This coffee stout has a nice coffee aroma. For me it is the amazing bold coffee flavor packed into this 5.25% ABV stout.  The coffee is an international blend created for Keg Creek Brewing that is a light medium roast from Friedrichs Coffee. Friedrichs has many locations in Des Moines and Urbandale, IA.  What I find unique in this beer is that it is has a tart finish unlike any other that I have ever had.

On the Holy Grail Scale of Coffee Stouts, I gave this one an eight. Love the coffee flavor!  Add a little bit of creaminess to this one and it would be at the top of the scale!

Can't wait to check out their barrel aged version of this beer.  Cheers!