In the winter months, I really look forward to some big beers. So what do I mean by “big beers”? The imperial stouts that are made with tons of grain to achieve a high gravity and ABV. There is something so decadent about these beers. The rich malt flavor and smooth mouthfeel makes my night when I come out of the cold after a long day.

White Elm Brewing excels at creating these wonderful stouts. I remember my first one I had at a local restaurant. I had finished the meal and was looking for something to cap off the evening. I saw an imperial stout from White Elm Brewing out of Lincoln, Nebraska and had to give it a try. It was very remarkable and from that point on, I make sure to try as many as I can.

I happened to be in the taproom on the day Continuous Chaos was released. i was intrigued by the fact that this beer was a coffee imperial stout. Always love a good coffee stout. The other part was maple flavor added. So I saved this one for a couple of weeks and my anticipation was building on what it would be like.

The maple flavor hits you at the beginning of this beer. Nice and sweet up front! The mouthfeel is smooth and silky. The back end is where I get the coffee flavor. The coffee in this stout is Cultiva Black Label Toddy.

I highly recommend trying out this imperial stout, if you get the chance.