Your instructions are to bring back something from the wild because the zookeeper needs to make some additions to the zoo. Lo and behold, you explorations take you across the globe and you discover an IPA that hits the mark on what the zookeeper asked for. The zookeeper looks in bewilderment, but smiles and takes the six pack.

Zookeeper IPA from Empyrean Brewing Co out of Lincoln, Nebraska is part of their limited collection and helps benefit Lincoln Children’s Zoo.


Zookeeper IPA is part of Empryean Brewing Co’s limited collection. This IPA for me has a lot of grapefruit citrus flavor upfront with just a hint of sweetness. The finish has a nice amount of hop bitterness. The hop blend is Citra and Simcoe coming in at 58 IBUs. The ABV is 5.5% making it a nice session IPA!

Empyrean Brewing Co is one of Nebraska’s oldest craft beer breweries. I enjoy many of their beers especially when having a great dinner at Lazlo’s Brewery & Grill in Lincoln and in Omaha.

I highly recommend checking them out. Cheers!