What a difference a few days can make! It was hard to believe that the 4 to 5 foot drifts of snow would melt in a few days. From snow white to sunshine lit, this beautiful stout captured my attention!

I must admit I wasn’t sure what to think of a white stout. I know I meet plenty people who have the perception that stouts are just way too heavy of a beer. They see the dark color from the roasted malt and immediately think that the beer isn’t right for them. Many times, however, they do like the coffee and chocolate flavor that come from some stouts.

So, what if you were to change the color of the stout by using a lighter colored malt but still have the coffee and chocolate flavor? This is exactly what Zipline Brewing Co. has done with their White Stout. If you were to take a blindfold taste test, I would imagine you would have a hard time telling that this wasn’t a traditional stout. The coffee is upfront and very pleasing as it finishes off sweet and chocolaty.

Some people call white stouts a gimmick beer, but I call them ingenious! Well done Zipline Brewing! This is a very enjoyable beer whether 20 degrees or 80 degrees outside.