Pint Nine Brewing has a way with barrel aging beers that adds just a kiss of the what is in the barrel to the beer. Take for instance the Heathen Porter. This porter is a very nice, dry, and roasty porter. The beer has a lot of flavor and is very sessionable coming in at 4.8% ABV.

Now take this beer and age it in a Patriach Distillers Rye Whiskey barrel. I have had the Rye Whiskey and it is a very smooth and wonderful whiskey. So, I was very excited to see what it would be like with the Heathen Porter!

The barrel aged version of the Heather Porter adds some oak notes and just the right amount of the rye whiskey flavor to come up with incredible version of this porter. It takes some great brewing skill to pull off barrel aging a beer to get the flavor of the barrel without increasing the ABV significantly!

If you get a chance to try this beer, I highly recommend it!