You know what melts snow? The latest Robber’s Cave Series beer from Blue Blood Brewing Co out of Lincoln, Nebraska. The name of the beer is Smokin’ Coconut Caper. I am a big coconut porter and stout fan, so when this beer was released, I knew I had to give it a try!

This beer is really complex to figure out. The upfront taste is definitely sweet. I really enjoy the coconut and chocolate flavor. In the middle, I get the smoky, roasty characteristics of the cherry wood smoked malt. The finish is back to what I experienced in the beginning. The mouth feel is very silky. Wow - this one is really messing with my senses but in an incredibly good way!


So, I am a big fan of label art. Blue Blood Brewing’s Robber’s cave series labels have been so fun to follow. Each beer label makes you feel like you are part of the story.

The artwork is done by Perfect Pour Studios. The imagination and creativity of each label aligns perfectly with each beer in this series!

I am looking forward to taking the tour of Robber’s Cave! Blue Blood Brewing also has a great taproom and restaurant adjacent to the main brewery.

When the snow is not on the ground, the brewery has an amazing outdoor setup with a stage for live music.

I highly recommend checking out this brewery! If you are like me and a coconut porter fan, then stop in soon and grab a 4-pack or two of the Smokin’ Coconut Caper.