I have been holding onto this bottle for quite awhile. A friend got me this from Central 28 Beer Company. He told me how this was one of the best coffee beers from Florida and he wasn't kidding!

When it comes to coffee beers, I am big on aroma. As I brought the glass up to my nose, the beautiful coffee aroma woke my senses and made me very excited for the first taste. 

Lots of coffee flavor forward with a creamy mouthfeel. Hints of chocolate and toffee throughout. I very smooth and sweet finish to this rich Imperial Porter that comes in at 9.5% ABV.

The coffee in this beer is a Brazilian Legender Peaberry coffee. Peaberry beans are rare due to the fact the come from the coffee cherry in which only one bean exists instead of two. The beans are round like a pea hence the name. Many people will say the beans have a sweeter, nuttier flavor than normal coffee beans. The coffee is roasted at Trilogy Coffee in Deland, Florida.

I highly recommend this beer! I had it after dinner and it was perfect for a night out on the patio. It is by far the best Imperial Coffee Porter that I have had this year.