Poster from Infusion southwest location

Poster from Infusion southwest location

Infusion Brewing Company is doing a tribute to Metz Brewery with the its release of the Metz Jubilee Beer

  • Date: Saturday, April 14th
  • Time: Noon - 7:00 pm
  • Location: Infusion Brewing Company Southwest Taproom

Metz Brewery is know in Omaha history for being one of the Big 4 breweries.  In talking with my dad, he remembers having a Metz beer just prior to the brewery closure. At the time he was a bartender at a small town bar in which Metz was the owner's favorite.

History from WikiPedia

In 1880 the Metz Brewery was located at 1717 South 3rd Street, and was producing 12,400 barrels (1,970 m3) per year. Later the facility moved to 209 Hickory Street into the former Willow Springs Distilling Company facility. Considered to be modern for the time, the facilities sat on an entire city block. Early brewing equipment included three cooling vaults, two of which were twenty feet wide by seventy-five feet long, and one smaller, being twenty feet wide by thirty in length. The ice rooms immediately above were of the same dimensions. The mash tub and brewing kettle each had a capacity for holding one hundred barrels. Barns for the delivery horses were also located on site. The brewery was said to have "no equal in the country."[2] The Metz brothers also ran the Metz Brothers Beer Hall, located on 510 South Tenth Street, where beer was supplied in barrels by horse-drawn cart from the main brewery.[4]

The Metz Brewery closed because of the Prohibition.[5] The facility was sold to an agriculture company in 1920.[4] The label was brewed until 1961[6] by the Walter Brewing Company of Pueblo, Colorado.

Check out the great Metz memorabilia that owner Bill Baburek has as well as many other amazing photos from the Omaha World Herald.