Beautiful metal art piece of the Lost Way Brewery logo in the taproom

Beautiful metal art piece of the Lost Way Brewery logo in the taproom

There is the strangest magnet pull that occurs when I am within 50 miles of Holdrege, Nebraska. My vehicle seems to have a mind of its own as it makes its way to 614 3rd Avenue. I must admit my internal compass is set just right when it comes to finding great breweries!

Lost Way Brewery is always a fun place to visit for several reasons including:

  • Great lineup of rotating beers

  • Incredible conversation

  • Family like atmosphere

Created by Brady Shafer of   Shafer Print Shop     Get a copy today!

Created by Brady Shafer of Shafer Print Shop Get a copy today!

Going back to the very first time walking through the taproom door, Lost Way feels like coming home for a family event. The owners Mark & Jessica Kraus and Jason & Kimberly Hines along with the staff members create an experience that is hard to top!

Growing up in a very small town, it is always fun to hear what is going on in other ones like Holdrege. I love the area of town where Lost Way Brewery is at! The old buildings and brick streets are so cool as they remind us of the history of the area.

Gypsy Outlaw has been rocking it since ‘89

Gypsy Outlaw has been rocking it since ‘89

On this Saturday after the Fourth of July, my wife and myself had the pleasure of meeting Andy and his wife Calena. Andy works part-time at Lost Way. Andy and I have been social media friends for awhile, but It was great to finally get to meet in person! We had fun talking about our kids, teaching, music, and of course craft beer!

Andy and Calena told us about the band they are in called Gypsy Outlaw. It was founded in 1989 by Charles Perez and the group has enjoyed playing an assortment of class rock and modern rock for 30 years! Current members of the band include:

  • Calena Ohlson - vocals.

  • Charles Perez - rhythm guitar and vocals.

  • Mike King - bass guitar.

  • Josh Hawley - lead guitar and vocals.

  • Andy Ohlson - drums.

If you like groups like No Doubt, Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt, Pat Benetar, Joan Jett, Green Day, Tom Petty, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and more, you will love Gypsy Outlaw! You might see Gypsy Outlaw playing at Lost Way from time to time as long as Andy remembers to wear the proper brewery attire - hint, hint something with a compass on it!

There is no flight like the one you will get at Lost Way

There is no flight like the one you will get at Lost Way

There is always a great rotation of beers at Lost Way Brewery. I enjoy being able to have a flight to help me decide what to take back in a growler. This particular flight made it very difficult to choose only 1 beer to take home with me!

  • Lost Island Blonde Ale - 5.6% ABV

    Light, crisp, and very refreshing with lots of flavor.

  • Peach Wheat - 5.8% ABV

    Easy drinking with the right amount of peach flavor to know it is a fruit beer without being overly sweet.

  • Buck O Seven Golden Ale - 4.3% ABV

    A collaboration beer with Brush Creek Brewing Co. This beer was brewed with Nebraska Hops & Malt! I found this beer to be very intriguing. There was an earthiness that added to the character. I would have never guessed this one to be a 4.3% ABV!

  • Hippy Lake Seldom Frarmhouse Ale / Saison - 6.7% ABV

    A very nice saison with Rose Hips.

  • Where’s the Smoke - 7% ABV

    An interesting lightly smoked brown ale.

  • Summer Porter - 6.6% ABV]

    Chocolate malt and 3 pounds of cacao nibs that will tantalize your taste buds! Soft, silky mouth feel. This one should be named 8 Days a Week Porter because you are going to want to drink it that often!

So, Mrs. Joe Java-Stout isn’t much of a drinker, but when Mark said they had recently just made a batch of grape soda, I knew this would become a favorite place of hers! She enjoyed it very much and it was her first growler purchase!

This was the final stop of my 2019 Summer Beercation. What a way to end the trip!

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