Normal Roasting Company

Normal Roasting Company is a specialty coffee roaster in Central Nebraska, roasting coffee on par with the big city roasters, but with a small town feel. Their company mission can be summed up in three words: roast, brew, and gather. Thanks Sara for all the information about your company!

Starting with roast: Normal Roasting has trained extensively with industry professionals, and choose to roast coffee in small batches without any automation. They hand stamp the bags, package it by hand, and take great joy in putting their human mark on each batch.

Brew: the next largest part of their mission is split between educating the public and supporting their coffee shops and other clients. We advise on grinding and brewing, as well as sourcing any coffee equipment shops and the public alike may need.

Gather: This is Sara's favorite part. Several years ago Sara and her husband started getting up before the kids to sit and actually enjoy a cup of coffee together, so coffee has always been about simply gathering for us. They envision the coffee that we so carefully being brewed at gatherings of friends and family, with a significant other every morning, and being shared as gifts. Take their coffee and share it!

I asked Sara about a craft beer brewery that she had worked with and here is her answer. "Working with Scratchtown Brewing Company has been fun from the start. Their creativity and general awesomeness overflow to anyone they come in contact with, and I've been blessed to experience it firsthand. Their mission of bringing people together is so thoughtfully carried out not only in our small community but all over the state and beyond."

Thanks Sara for being a great member in the Nebraska Community! I love the espresso that you provided Scratchtown for their Espresso Black Eye porter. Check out Normal Roasting's website for some great coffee: