Pint Night

There is nothing like a good pint night at a local tap room.   So, for those who might be new to the concept, a pint night is where you can purchase a decorative beer glass for a price and then typically get refills at a discounted price.  I have been to a few (ok several) over the past few years and to me there are a few things that make a great pint night.

The most obvious is the glass if you are a collector like me.   I know I enjoy seeing the different creative designs that breweries come up with.   Hey graphic artist out there, I bet it is a fun time getting a chance to work with breweries on logo designs!  I remember the very first glass I got which was El Mastodon from Lucky Bucket Brewing Company.  The glass is very cool and I was excited to get it.  The other thing that made my night was getting introduced to a new beer.

Boy was that a treat that night getting to try a barley wine.   Pint nights are a great opportunity to try out a new beer.   Most of the time the pint night themes are around a seasonal beer that the brewery is promoting.   It is a great way for craft beer fans to look forward to a new porter or stout in the winter months and a nice crisp IPA in spring or summer months.   I am always up for trying something new, but there is no shame in filling up your pint glass with one of your favorites from that brewery. 

Last but not least, pint nights offer you the chance to catch up with your friends.   I love the social aspect of the pint night!   Many times I will share out the event on social media hoping to catch up with other friends who enjoy craft beer.   Great conversations usually follow as each person talks about the beer of the evening.  It is fun to see what others think about the pint night beer!

I hope you find a great pint night in your near future.